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Fall is Officially Here


Written by Chamberlain Zulauf 

The 21st night of September marks a major milestone for this year, indicating fall 2020 has officially arrived. The school year is in full academic swing with midterms looming and the weather getting colder. There are pros and cons to this depending on who you are. Those who are excited for fall may be excited for leaves to change color. Some are looking forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and to the ambitious there’s Christmas. Others simply prefer the colder weather. The fact that we’ve been stuck at home or working during quarantine could also be a key factor for those ready to leave summer behind.  

Those who miss summer have been extra gloomy this past week, which gave us the first whiff of Autumn weather. Despite quarantine, there were plenty of aspects of summer to miss.  Such as, green trees and plenty of plants everywhere. The summer is when the world is alive for warm weather, supporters and so the transition to a dormant winter can be depressing. Summer people like to be comfortably outside in the sunny weather rather than cooped up inside pretending not to be cold.  

Especially after this year, everyone must be excited for New Year’s no matter their seasonal preference. Based on an Instagram poll,  71% of Roanoke students are excited for fall while only 29% miss summer.  

Both seasons are good times for exploration, be it pumpkin patches and hikes or the beach and ice cream stands. Each season comes with classic aspects and new opportunities, so no matter the season everyone should try to experience as much as the world has to offer (while keeping social distance).