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Written by Vanessa Zuba Mutesi

I have a deep passion for mental health. I am enthusiastic about seeing people become more aware of their mental space and how to keep it sharp and evolving. My deep passion for mental health has stemmed from my own experience, how my view on it has evolved, and most importantly how this evolution has led me to be aware of how I treat myself and my mental space. The month of September is Suicide Awareness month. It is a time for people to reflect, learn, and stand for suicide prevention and awareness. This month always holds a certain esteem in my life, because I know what it feels like to come to the dark times of contemplating suicide.

When I speak on my mental health, people tend to be shocked about the person I am versus the experiences I had. In the beginning this used to bother me because I would always wonder what people think depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts look like. As I have continued to grow from my own narrative, I have slowly become more comfortable with this assumption because this gave me the opportunity to show people that mental health takes many faces, and some of them are the happiest faces that we find around us. I would be a good example of this.

I want to sincerely encourage everyone to stop this narrative. While I understand that we want our loved ones to be happy and to live for those happy moments, it is incredibly selfish to expect someone to place the need of another before themselves. It does break hearts, relationships,  and families, but would you rather an angel gone over a vessel of pain and brokenness living for the sake of others? If you find yourself in this place, I am a confidant if you need to offload and express your hurt. I know how it feels to walk alone on a journey like that and I want to be the light for someone. If you feel you are coming to the end, find love within yourself first and act positively toward yourself. Even in times when you feel you do not have it in you. Fight the good fight for you and not for anyone else.

Deeply wishing healing, love, and light to all going through it right now.

I see you; I feel for you, and I am here for you.

Love and Light.