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Blocking Does Nothing


Written by Mia Shelton

Are you a fresh wound trying to heal from a blister of a relationship? Before you grab your phone and charge your finger to block the silly ex, here are a few reasons why blocking them actually does nothing.

Now we all totally hear you- your ex really missed out and is silly for leaving you. Unless they are harassing you, the need to block them feels meek. Nonetheless, you gave your partner a serving of your life, how could you just write them off so swiftly? While there are always certain circumstances in every situation, the average breakup should end mutually.

While you think blocking their cursed number, that’s engraved devilishly in your head, kicks them out of your life for good, it feels like a weak form of revenge that they might not even notice. If you really want to make someone squirm under your thumb, simply kill ‘em with kindness. No need for flamboyant shenanigans. Show your ex you don’t need them to generate that beautiful smile you bestow. It might not feel like it now, but you can, and will, be happy without them. If the heartbreaker is blocked, how can they see how much better off you are without them? Since you have the power to block your ex-lover, you have just the same amount of power to unblock them. It creates a void in your mind that might make the healing process harder.

Keep your ex unblocked and wait for them to come crawling back to you; you know they will. While there are always exceptions, do not let your past lover take advantage of the situation. Alana Blosser, a freshman at Roanoke College says, “I would only block my ex if that meant he would stop texting me, or I knew that it was no good for me.” This is an understandable approach, and please don’t take any form of harassment. 

You are a beautiful ball of sunshine, so don’t let someone disrespect your healing time. If your ex doesn’t respect your space, then kick them out of your life. Don’t forget, kill ‘em with kindness and keep your head up buttercup! Things will get better!