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Bored of Being Bored?


Written by Mia Shelton

Aren’t you bored of being bored? Sure there is probably a lot that needs to get done- cleaning, schoolwork, zoom meetings etc. Who wants to do that when you can lay in the swaddling comfort of your college foam mattress topper? We have all likely mastered the art of procrastination, but let me share with you, my fellow bored confidant, my perfected list of things to do for when you are mind numbly bored.

First, a dance party always cures bored jitters. Having that certain playlist that urges you to groove like no one is watching is essential. Some songs that I am currently bumpin’ to consist of, “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston, anything from the Lemonade Mouth Soundtrack, “Treat People With Kindness” by Harry Styles, and anything by Sammy Rae always has my hips swinging. My playlist constantly shifts, but I like something with a fast, upbeat grove. When these songs even preface my ears, my feet know what’s coming. Don’t be scared to dance people! Most importantly, don’t be scared to join someone else dancing. Make a new friend- hey another thing to do while bored! Life’s too bland, so act a little crazy sometimes! No one is judging; they just wish they had that confidence.

Now this next one is my number one go to, but I understand this might not be accessible for some students. Gather some friends, preferably at least one with a car, and go on a nice drive. This won’t be any type of a drive though because you will be expected to sing your heart out. If I can’t hear you from the next car over, I don’t want it. This is something I do with my friends from home. Whenever we are bored, we hop in the “Karaoke Mobile” taking turns playing songs we all know. Some go-to artists of mine are Hannah Montana, One Direction, or Big Time Rush, but some songs that really hit the spot for me are “When I Look At You” by Miley Cyrus, “Good Kisser” by Lakewood Drive, “Dreams Tonight” By Stephen Day, and “Don’t Rain On My Parade” by Barbara Streisand. Just make sure everyone knows the song or else it won’t be fun for others.

Lastly, these are some smaller things that are still fun to do when you’re bored. Make a snack! Cheeto Puffs anyone? Go randonauting but be safe! Make something beautiful! Plant a tree, or even hug a tree. Let Mother Earth know you love her. Finger paint and send it to your mom; the fridge looks so empty! 

Whatever you choose to do, please be safe and make a friend or dance partner along the way! Afterall, we could all use a good dance partner! Now go do your schoolwork, silly!