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What to Expect When You’re Expecting (to Return to Campus)


Written by Zach “I’m Happy to be Off-Campus” Dalton

In the wake of President Maxey’s announcement on September 4th many students are eagerly packing to make their triumphant return to campus. While we are all excited to see you back on campus, we here at Brackety-Ack thought now would be a good time to rip that band-aid off and tell you that things have changed on campus. In an effort to prepare you for these changes, here are five things that are different on campus.

1.) Can’t Mask this Feeling. On campus you will quickly see masks everywhere, even outside on campus. One of the easiest ways to combat this pandemic is wearing a mask. Your fellow Maroons have been doing this for the past weeks it feels second nature. When you make your return onto campus do not be alarmed when you see groups of people wearing their masks on the back quad…they have become a way to fight the disease and accessorize.

2.) New Commons, Who dis? Our beloved Sutton Commons has gone through a dramatic make-over. You will find that there is now more room than ever in the dining area, but at the expense of less seating. It is crucial to plan your meals around the lunch rush now more than ever. Along with that it’ll be best to pick out a small group to go eat with because there are no more combining tables or pulling chairs up. Be sure to thank the workers in Commons for all they have done to accommodate. Also, mix things up and go check out the options in Alumni Gym or Freshens when it opens.

3.) Outdoors are the New Indoors. Another big change on campus is the use of outdoor spaces all around campus. Since it is harder to hangout in each other’s dorms and common areas many students have taken to the outdoors. The weather has been nice and will continue to be, so when you are on campus be sure to check it out!

4.) The Bast Time to Close is 7. A new thing that is inconvenient is the new closing time for Bast. The Bast Center now closes at 7 P.M. every night which will be right around dinner. Plan accordingly to how you will get to Commons especially if you live on the west side.

5.) Cregger Center Cares. The other big difference is found in Cregger. They close the fitness center for an hour to clean and sanitize the area. Check the website for more information on times and, again, plan accordingly for your workouts.

While a lot has changed on campus you will find a lot has stayed the same. This year has been a wild experience, but it is up to us to makes sure it can be a fun one too. Stay safe Maroons!