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Welcome Back, Maroons!


Written by Alexis Barton

Maroons, it is good to be back. Whether you are logging into Zoom from your house or taking a socially distanced walk with your friends around campus, it is finally the start of a brand new school year. 

Things look pretty different from when we left campus, but there is one thing that is back and stronger than ever: the Maroon spirit. Maroons are resilient. When we were sent home in the spring, we worked through remote learning and had a record number of athletes make the All-ODAC Academic team. Maroons are caring. When local health care providers were hit with personal protective equipment shortages, students made thousands of masks to help meet their needs. Maroons are leaders. Even though we have been spread across the country, Maroons from far and wide have stepped up to be leaders in their community to combat our current public health crisis. Perhaps most importantly, Maroons are ready to take on the challenges ahead of us. As we prepare for this school year, our students are taking the necessary precautions to ensure the health of our entire college community. 

Over the past few months, especially for us sports fans, it has been difficult to find a sense of normalcy. Seasons ended abruptly, playoffs were postponed, and athletic conferences across the country suspended competition for the fall semester. After the first few months of quarantine, we started to see the effects of following guidelines as professional sports returned to play. Things felt like they did a year ago, and it gave many of us that sense of normalcy. But, this fight is not over. If we want to fully find our sense of normal, we have to practice social distancing. If we want to get back on the field, we have to wash our hands regularly. If we want to see our student-athletes compete in the spring, we have to avoid large gatherings. We are all members of the same team, and it is time for us to help out our teammates. 

For the love of sports, wear your mask.