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A Note from the (New) Section Editor


Written by Joyelle Ronan

“I’m just really excited about 2020 and all the possibilities it holds.”- Joyelle
Ronan, 2019.

In the eight months since I wrote that on Facebook, the world has become a very
different place. I would no longer say I’m “excited” for 2020, but rather I’m
hesitantly peeking out through my finger-covered eyes as if it were a horror

Yes, this year has been…the only thing that comes to mind is a dumpster fire.
Here’s the thing though, just because the dumpster is on fire doesn’t mean that
there isn’t anything valuable in the dumpster. This year has had some pretty
iconic moments.

We, as a culture, have had some very necessary conversations about white
supremacy. Dog adoptions have increased. Our favorite movie and television
casts have gotten together for zoom calls. People have shown remarkable
creativity from inspiring works of art to quarantine memes. Let’s take all
pandemic silver linings we can get!

This is basically all to say that the Culture and Wellness section of the Brackety-
Ack will be celebrating cuisine, art, philosophies, music, and approaches to
wellness that have and will help us cope in 2020 and beyond.

Also, wear your masks. Don’t throw or attend large gatherings. Social distance.
Go to your zoom classes and stay hydrated.

We can try our best to put out the fire, save what’s inside, paint it a fun color, and
then carry on.