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Folk of ‘Noke: Jordan Robinson


Written by Brice Hall

We here at Folks’ at Noke like to spotlight members of the student body who have
worked hard to make Roanoke a better place than when they first arrived. The young woman who we have chosen to spotlight in this issue has tirelessly worked since her arrival to make Roanoke College the best place it can be. Jordan Robinson is a Junior here at Roanoke College who truly deserves to be the first member of our student community to be spotlighted by Brackety-Ack for this academic year. Robinson, a Biology Major with a Minor in Psychology and an additional minor in Chemistry, has become a high profile Maroon due to her work ethic, positive attitude and her involvement with a plethora of clubs and other student organizations.

Jordan is known across campus as a passionate advocate for students of color, and for
any marginalized group. She works closely with the Office of Multicultural Affairs to help make Roanoke a welcoming environment for students of all backgrounds.

Jordan is the President of the Black Student Alliance and she founded Tangles, a natural
hair club that celebrates the beauty of natural hair. Tangles is only two years old and in the words of its founder, “still baby”. She is also involved with H.O.L.A.(Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Achievement) and the Bio Club!

Jordan’s work in uplifting the voices of students of color has been put to use in
Admissions as a Maroon Ambassador. She is a leader in Admissions who coordinates with other employees to increase the appeal of Roanoke to minority students.

Jordan was recently involved on campus as a member of the 2020 R-House staff. She
was a welcome table member who helped welcome the different Freshmen groups. After
welcoming the volunteers Jordan would make sure that they were all properly sanitized in order to prevent the spread of COVID. When asked why she was volunteering at R-House Jordan responded with, “It’s a way to take families in bad renters situations and put them into a better financial system where they can build stability.

When asked if she had any words of wisdom to give to Freshmen Jordan had this to
say.”Make as many friends as you can,safely.It’s good to have friends everywhere.”
When asked if she would like to give anyone a shoutout Jordan knew exactly who she
wanted to highlight.” Natasha Saunders, the OMA Director. She’s pushed me into amazing
leadership roles and helped me round myself out as a person.” This is only the beginning of Jordan’s third year here at Noke and we here at the Brackety-Ack can only guess at what she will have accomplished by the time she’s graduated!