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History Has it’s Eyes on You… and We Have Our Eyes on History


Written by Mateo Biggs

2020 has been a historic year for almost everyone on our planet. From the essential workers to the children who can no longer go outside to play with their friends, from lovers separated by quarantine, to the many Americans who have lost their jobs during this difficult time. It makes us all wish we could rewind the clock and go back to a time much simpler, a time where we did not have to worry about maintaining distance from our friends and family.

Time machines may not have been developed for us to use, but the streaming service of Disney+ has given us something almost as good as hitting rewind on the year—the Broadway sensation that has put a spin on our own history and given light to a founding father many had not even heard of growing up. Yep, Hamilton became a solace during my quarantine since it was released on July 3, the very day before our own Independence Day, with its beautiful choreography, breathtaking storyline, and bopping music that is unexpected for a history-based musical.

Written by the talented Lin-Manuel Miranda (writer for the soundtrack of Moana, In the Heights, and even 21-Chump Street), Hamilton features many other famous faces such as Phillipa Soo (who plays Eliza Schuyler), Christopher Jackson (George Washington) and acclaimed musical artists like Daveed Diggs (who plays both Thomas Jefferson and Marquis de Lafayette), whose band Clipping has been circulating since 2010. This musical is something that can be played on repeat, whether for the emotional lyrics or the comedic happenings that Alexander Hamilton had in his life. If you are like me, then the musical is probably even the perfect thing to listen to when studying, as it keeps you focused for nearly two and a half hours until that perfect tune comes on that you cannot hold back from singing along to (which happens to be both “Guns and Ships”, ft. Christopher Jackson and Daveed Diggs, and “Satisfied”, which features Renee Elise Goldsberry’s awe-inspiring musical talents, for myself).

As a major theater nerd and a student who just wants to rewind the time spent in this year, Hamilton is something I recommend completely because it is addicting and something you can watch/listen to just to pass the limited free time we have between our classes or when you need something to listen to between studying and a weekend in. Hamilton can only be found on Disney+.