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A Tribute to Our Section Editor, Caisi Calandra


Written by Jasey Roberts

I met Caisi Calandra about a semester ago; she is a good friend of my good friends, and it would’ve been impossible for us not to meet at some point. This makes sense. But I didn’t, I think, make a very good impression the first time I met her. I was in the middle of a quarrel with my girlfriend and didn’t know what I’d done wrong. Somehow the only people left at our table in Commons were me, my girlfriend, and Caisi, who made small talk and tried introducing herself, but we completely stonewalled her. I remember a long, strategic silence on my part and, Caisi, ever the diplomat, (and not knowing either of us) offered gently: “I can move if you guys want me to.”

Time passed. I found out what I’d done wrong (said something thoughtless and dumb – figures), and Caisi and I started sitting together and sharing lots of meals. When the others weren’t there, Caisi usually was watching a YouTube video or working on some kind of project for seminar. The friend I found in Caisi Calandra was one who was more quiet and pensive than my other friends at college, but at the same time sort of devilish and free-spirited as well. When you’re asked to write a tribute article about someone, you’re sort of forced to stop and ask yourself, “well, dang, what are some cool things about this person?” With Caisi, however, I don’t really need to ask myself that. She’s a wonderful writer, one of the most skilled people I’ve ever seen at the make-your-own-omelet station, a first-class section editor, an excellent conversationalist, and a faithful, caring friend. During the meal times spent with her, I talked about my future after college, and asked what she had planned for hers. I marveled at one of these adults who “had it all figured out.” While I think I speak for everyone on the Brackety-Ack staff in saying that I’m excited to see where she goes and what she does next, I’m also sad as a friend to see her go.

Best of luck with your future endeavors, Caisi!