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Folk of ‘Noke: President Maxey


Written by Lorin Brice Hall and Kaelyn Spickler

Roanoke College’s beloved President Michael Maxey said the Class of 2020 was special from the start. In fact, his favorite memory of the last four years is the welcome for the Class of 2020. What happened during the welcome that made it his favorite memory? And what is he referring to? The ceremony when the class signs their names to the academic roster?


“2020 has so many positive connotations,” Maxey said. “I felt the Class of 2020 had a special opportunity here. That proved to be true.”


Since then, the Class of 2020 has experienced so many wonderful memories. A few of Maxey’s favorite moments with the graduating class include President’s Ball and the opening of the Cregger Center. He also adds, “attending research showcases and hearing students describe their work- a truly amazing phenomenon, teaching a bowtie lesson to 40 people at once, making empty threats to the track team to compete in the triple jump, and watching the lecturers and guests from off-campus- The Buddhist monks, and Jon Meacham to name a couple,” to the list. 


During your time here at RC, you have accomplished many great things, from breaking athletic records to the successes you have made in the classroom. President Maxey said he is impressed with the seniors’ efforts, including the “accomplishments on the courts, fields, stages, in concerts and as leaders and change agents, incredible national success with national fellowships and scholarships, and the INQ 300 work and other impressive senior academic requirements.” It is these reasons and more that t Maxey believes RC is a better college and a better place because of the Class of 2020.



 He believes RC is an excellent institution  for preparing students to live their lives following college. To further your success after your time at RC,  Maxey has a few keys for success. They are humility, curiosity, and empathy. 


“Humility is knowing that all of us are smarter than any one of us,” he said. “Humility includes the ability to know when we are wrong. Curiosity involves learning all that we can from others, from reading, from listening. Empathy means genuinely understanding and appreciating the reality and perspective of others and communicating that you care.” 


Going off that, he encouraged seniors to “nurture your relationships, take on difficult challenges and do your best, ask yourself hard questions about the meaning and purpose of your life, and then follow your answers toward purpose.”


All of us at the Brackety-Ack are looking forward to when we can all celebrate these accomplishments with you and watch you cross the stage with a diploma in your hand, and so does President Maxey. “I look forward to celebrating your graduation when the COVID coast is clear for us,” he said. “You will come to the Presidents’ House to sign your names. You will have a graduation ceremony.”


Bonus Tips:

Style Advice from President Maxey: When you wear a bowtie people smile at you. It is

always better to be a little overdressed than underdressed.


Style Advice from Mrs. Maxey: Be comfortable and, most of all, be yourself.  Coco Chanel

said, “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

Thank you very much for your time and support!