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Unforgettable Foods


Written by Joyelle Ronan

Food is a powerful tool for recalling some of life’s sweetest memories. A bite of baguette can take you back to that semester abroad in France. A sip of champagne can make you relive that one New Year’s Eve. It’s only natural that when seniors graduate, they miss both the fun and the food of dear old Roanoke. When asked what foods they’re going to miss the most, our Maroons had a variety of delicious answers.

“Cav Fries.” I can practically hear my name being called.

“Chips and queso.” Many a lactose-intolerant student has suffered for its cheesy goodness. 

“Jacob’s omelets” Yes, my favorite art form.

“Bread bar” The butter they use is superior to all butters.

“Hummus day at Commons” Who knew chickpeas could taste so good?

“Gourmet grilled cheese” They never taste this good when I make them myself.

“Cheesy potato bake” Honestly, you could put anything on a potato, I’d probably eat it.

“Sticky buns” Worth getting out of your bed for.

“Muffins and iced coffee bar at breakfast” Should be served for lunch and dinner, too.

“Chef’s burger bar” The choices.

“Good old Roanoke tendies and mac ‘n’ cheese” A true classic!

Remember Class of 2020, the one thing that unites us all is standing in line on a Saturday night, trying to swipe out at cav.