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What You’re Made Of


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

Whether they be August 2019 graduates, December 2019 graduates, or May 2020 graduates, there will be 428 Roanoke College students eligible to receive a diploma from President Maxey. These 428 students have brought so much to our community and represent many backgrounds and interests.

The Class of 2020 comes from all over the country and the world. 10 graduates are international students from nine different countries. Argentina, Guatemala, India, Rwanda, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, and the Palestinian Territories all have one RC graduate to represent their country, and Zimbabwe has two graduates. 26 United States and territories are represented, including the Virgin Islands. 230 of the graduates call Virginia their home, with the next most popular state being North Carolina at 32 students and Maryland right behind at 29 students. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maine are also well represented states among the Class of 2020.

The seniors are dispersed among the many majors offered at RC, and two students are even triple majors. The highest populated department among the class of 2020 is Business Administration with 84 graduates. Other popular majors are Biology and Psychology both with 37, Communication Studies at 28, Health and Exercise Science at 24, and History and Sociology each with 21. 

On average, the 428 graduates participated in 2.2 campus organizations including Greek Life, Intramurals, and the many clubs offered on campus. The highest count of organization participation was 11 different organizations for one student.

Each and every one of these 428 graduates have impacted the campus in some way, and they have truly left their mark at RC. There is a lot for the Class of 2020 to be proud of, and they have set the bar high for the following classes to reach.