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Gym Closed? Try These At-Home Workouts


Written by Sarah Joseph

Picture this: Jane Fonda, neon leotards over neon leggings, leg warmers, sweatbands. 

That’s right. We are transported back into the 80s and jazzercise reigns queen over all in-home workout tapes. And why shouldn’t it? It is a fun activity that allows you to reach your daily quota of physical activity. Now, while we may not have actually traveled back into the 80s, there is a large resurgence of workout tapes as everyone has become stuck inside due to the recent stay-at-home policies occurring throughout the nation.

Although it may not be ideal, most of us are stuck inside and all the gyms are closed, so let’s get inspiration from the 80s but use our modern devices (instead of VHS) for our fitness goals. Take advantage of the Internet!

Youtube is a maelstrom source for workout videos: 


Follow Casey Ho as she creates workouts for all fitness levels that emphasis pilates with fun popular culture elements.


Maddie Lymburner posts a variety of at home workouts, particularly HIIT (high-intensity interval training)


This workout show is your all-in-one package if you are looking for fun and fresh workouts based on famous workout trends (like Victoria Secret’s Angels workouts, Bar Method, and Tabata)

Yoga with Adriene 

If you want some relaxing yoga to calm you down from a stressful Zoom class, Adriene guides you through relaxation breathing techniques and all kinds of yoga.


If you are looking for longer, full workouts, Daniel and Kelli (a husband and wife) have put together a plethora of workouts for you. 

These Youtubers all emphasize at-home workouts and mainly using your body weight, which is perfect when you may not have gym equipment at your home.

Pinterest also has a ton of good workouts to follow along with if you don’t want to watch someone (who may be fitter than you) doing a workout and telling you it is easy. My recommendation is making different fun-named boards based on different workout types. That way you stay organized and can plan your workout like you would at the gym

And if all else fails, just do a descending bodyweight exercises.:


Start with 10 each and then count down and repeat until you are down to one. I’ll start one for you:

10x Pushups, 10x Squats, 10x Burpees 

9xPushups, 9xSquats, 9xBurpees

8x Squats, 8x Squats, 8x Burpees 

(and so on, until you get to 1x)