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Study Tips and Motivation During Quarantine


Written by Lucy Collins

Since the student body, faculty, and staff of Roanoke College have been told to leave campus and quarantine themselves in their homes, students have been moved to completing the semester online. This has caused students to implement their educational routine to the home base. With this comes unwanted stress and anxiety among the student body. I’m here to promote helpful study tips and motivation to reduce the stress students must be facing.  

Organization is something that I have found to be very helpful during this time. Organizing a day to day schedule of assignments is key. Have what is most pertinent to do at the top of your list and leave smaller assignments to be completed at the bottom. This allows more time to complete tedious assignments first, while leaving the simpler assignments to complete later in the day, in a timely manner. Next would be organizing tests, quizzes, papers, and presentations. Create a calendar of when those assignments are due and assign two to three days (or however long you chose) to complete the assignment before the due date. This allows you time to study or create an outline for the assignment and the end result would most likely be a high grade from your professor. Allotting a significant amount of time to produce a sophisticated assignment leaves you with the feeling that your work has met the professor’s expectations and will most likely obtain a good remark from the professor.  

Motivation to do work during time at home seems difficult. With other environmental factors in your home distracting you from your work, it may be hard to find the motivation to complete assignments. A tactic that I have used to approach this is, allotting a certain amount of time to complete assignments, and when this is done, leave the extra time to enjoy your home atmosphere. By having certain points of the day dedicated to schoolwork, this can motivate you to complete those tasks during that time. You can look forward to the point in your day that you have given to relaxation, knowing that you have completed your work beforehand.  

The adjustment to online school has been hard on all of the Roanoke College community. I hope that these tactics of organization and motivation will help ease your stress for the continuation of the online semester. Good luck students!