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Olin Fiber Workshop Knits Community Together


Written by Jessica Shelburne

Every Wednesday from 1-4 pm through April 29, students and community members alike are invited to visit the Olin Hall Galleries to engage in a workshop that focuses on fibers. From sewing and crocheting to knitting and stitching, individuals can participate in creating their favorite textiles, meet other local artists, and dedicate a few hours to art.

The purpose of the workshop is to encourage people to explore different materials and mediums of art and unify artists through the underappreciated art form of fibers. Local artist Simone Paterson attends the workshop regularly and enjoys the opportunity it gives her to engage with the community. “By joining this group I’m able to connect with people, rather than being a lone artist in the studio,” she states.

The workshop is part of a larger project hosted by the Olin Galleries called “Curator Off Duty” which is an open exhibition that aims to unite the Virginia visual arts community through diversity and inclusion. Individuals can submit up to three artworks of any medium, so long as it does not exceed one cubic foot. Olin gallery directors hope to have 1,500 pieces of art will be received and displayed at the “Curator Off Duty” exhibition.

By hosting workshops that highlight different art forms, such as fibers, collage, and mix media people are exposed to the endless possibilities of creativity.

“This is to show people that you can get creative and there’s a lot of ways to do that. We want to try and be as expansive as possible,” said Lacey Leonard, Assistant Gallery Director. The exhibition is set to be displayed in January of 2022.

Olin Hall Galleries serve the Roanoke College campus and the greater community through exhibitions of contemporary works that showcase art created by emerging and established artists. You can find more information about exhibitions and events on the Olin Galleries Instagram page @olinhallgalleries and more about “Curator Off Duty” at www.roanoke.edu/curatoroffduty.