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Campus Updates Regarding Coronavirus


Written by Kaelyn Spickler 

Roanoke College has been taking precautionary measures throughout the week to keep our RC community safe throughout the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Cleaning of classroom surfaces have been increased, and other measures throughout the week have been made to keep our community as clean as possible. Many students, as well as faculty, may be feeling overwhelmed and stressed during this chaotic time of uncertainty, but here are the campus updates as of Thursday, March 12. 

  1. Classes have been moved to online classes starting Tuesday, March 17 and going until Friday, April 3. From there, President Maxey and the cabinet will reevaluate to determine if an extension is necessary. Be on the lookout in the coming days for emails from your professors regarding how the next three weeks will play out. 
  2. There is not a confirmed case on campus. A few RC community members are in isolation from low-risk situations, but are not showing symptoms. One student has been tested, but the results are not in yet, and all of these individuals have been housed away from campus. 
  3. All travel May term courses have been cancelled. This decision was made once the outbreak was declared a global pandemic due to the health and safety of students and faculty. If you were enrolled in one of these courses, be on the lookout for information from your professor. 
  4. The college is still going to remain operational during this three-week period. This means Student Health Services and Counseling and the Office of Admissions are remaining open, and Dining Services will be open, but hours may be limited. 
  5. Students can stay on campus under special circumstances that need to be communicated to Residence Life as soon as possible, and it is required you submit the form to stay on campus. 
  6. As of now, in season sporting events are continuing on with their set schedule, but spectators will be limited to strictly family members. 
  7. It is still too early to make a call on what the future holds for Alumni Weekend and graduation ceremonies; however, the college wants to assure this suspension will not prevent any seniors from graduating. 

This is just a brief run-down of the changes happening around campus due to the Coronavirus. Head over to https://www.roanoke.edu/covidfaqs if you have more questions as this page is continuously updated as more questions come in. 

If you feel the stress getting to you, it is still encouraged you reach out to our counseling services. Even while away from campus, Roanoke College cares about our community and wants to adhere to everyone’s concerns. Stay safe, Maroons!