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Oh, the Places You’ll Go Over Spring Break


Written by Zachary Dalton

Believe it or not, the midterm is fast approaching. With midterms just around the corner the promise of spring break lingers at the metaphorical finish line. Many ideas have circulated about how to have a fun spring break, and in order to ensure that, the key thing is, as they say in real estate: “location, location, location.” 

There is, however, only one place that is the most inexpensive place to go for spring break. Home is where the heart is, and your heart, more than likely, belongs to your home. While you’re home, you can relax and sleep in your own bed. There isn’t the pressure of having to get up at 8:00 A.M. to make it to your 8:30 in time. With that free time, you can catch up on any coursework you need to complete to make sure your next eight weeks back at school go by swimmingly. It is almost important to use the break to catch up on all your T.V. shows or movies or even books you’ve been meaning to check out! 

You can see all your pets, if you have any. There is nothing like coming home to a very excited dog whose tail is wagging all over the place and they’re just wiggling like there is no tomorrow. On the other hand, a cat is always nice to come back too unless they constantly meow to be let inside or outside…then that gets old fast. On top of that, you can get some nice home-cooked meals to give you a break from campus food. Not that there is anything wrong with the food here on campus, there’s just something that hits differently with a home cooked meal. Finally, you can go to your local Chili’s and enjoy their 2 for $20 with a half order of Texas cheese fries and some bacon ranch quesadillas since the closest one to campus is over 20 miles away…but that might be a personal reason. 

Have a safe trip back home for spring break! Be sure to rest and recharge to hit the second half of the semester!