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Staying Active During Midterms


Written by Marisa Seager

At a time as stressful as midterms week, how important is it that we, as college students, stay active? Although it is not something that will make or break you, it will in fact make this an easier time for you. 

Sophomore, Jade Bryan, says that exercising is quite important because it can serve as a great stress reliever. Here, one can simply “work it out,” clear their mind, and leave with a good feeling afterwards.

If you’re not convinced yet, it has been proven that exercise and other forms of physical activity are known to produce endorphins, your brain’s feel-good chemicals. By pumping up your endorphins one’s ability to sleep may improve which ultimately leads to a reduction in stress levels. 

With this in mind, Bryan has suggested that students should complete light, everyday workouts that you think you are capable of doing. In other words, don’t push yourself! Just worry about how much your body can take and not the so-called gains you might be working towards on a more standard basis.  

So, what does all of this mean? If you feel that you can, take a break from your studies and get active.  

Here are some simple exercises that you can do to help break away from all of the pressure or even just to make yourself feel a tad bit better: 

  1. Go for a nice walk 
  2. Go for a quick jog (roughly ten to fifteen minutes)
  3. Do some standard jumping jacks or high knees 

All of these are considered to be examples of light cardio that will keep your heart rate up and you feeling a bit more pep in your step.