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Facial Care for Winter Months


Written by Jessica Shelburne

Between October and March, the climate in, so-called, Sunny Salem is rather dry and bitterly cold. High winds are also common in the mountains, with which we are all familiar. Outdoor conditions in the winter impact exposed skin, especially on your face. 

It may be difficult to maintain your typical skincare routine during this season, but there are plenty of adjustments that can be made to ensure that your skin remains healthy and protected in the cold weather.

For sensitive skin, it is particularly important to moisturize in the winter. The wind and cold temperatures will dry out skin quickly, which happens more easily with sensitive skin. Opt for a thicker lotion that will be gentle on skin and provide lasting moisture. Collagen facial oils are another great way to preserve soft skin in the winter, as they combine ingredients that are absorbed into the skin to create a lifted, plump appearance.

For oily skin, using a toner is important for balancing natural oils and using a deep cleansing face mask is great for eliminating excessive oils that collect in problem areas like the nose and t-zone. It is essential to pair oil reducing products with moisturizer so that your face does not dry out and to maintain a neutral pH.

For normal or combination skin, it is beneficial to gently exfoliate weekly and moisturize often. Healing or replenishing face masks can restore hydration lost throughout the day due to bitter outdoor conditions. Products that promote moisture and revitalization can be especially helpful in avoiding dry skin.

No matter your skin type, it is critical to wear sunscreen on your face even in the winter months. UV radiation from the sun causes skin damage every day of the year and protecting your face with SPF lessens the risk of skin cancer, wrinkles, and blotchiness.