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Cheap College Cuisine: Steak Quesadilla


Written by Kevin Vitkus

Over my time here at Roanoke I have enjoyed a variety of meals that the commons have provided for me. However, one of my passions and favorite pass-times is cooking. This has been tough though as college costs as much as it does and I’m not working 40 hours a week. Not to mention the balance of class and clubs. However, I have found that with time management and proper budgeting I can make some of my favorites.

In this article I will share some of my favorite recipes with all of you and help you find your best price. We will go from the cheapest (that I can find) to what is a decent higher-end budget price for college students. This week we will be exploring spice steak quesadillas.


Defrost steak ahead of time. For tortillas coat with butter on one side for each.

  1. Take Steak and season (to taste) on one side with Cayenne, Sea salt, and Black Peppercorn.
  2. Place steak in a pre-heated pan. Stir fry steak cooks quickly so leave on each side for about a minute.
  3. In a separate pre-heated pan place tortilla on coated side. Then begin to add your ingredients. Do a small layer of cheese, then add your steak, put more seasoning on or add your serrano peppers. Then add your final layer of cheese. Put the non-coated side of your second tortilla on top of that.
  4. Flip the tortilla to heat the other side. One you believe the cheese is melted, remove from pan.
  5. Place on plate or cutting board and slice to make 4 pieces. Enjoy!!


Stir Fry Steak 1lb-2lb:

Walmart – $7.99 average

Kroger – $4.99/lb

Serrano Peppers (pickled can, or fresh):

Walmart – $2.03/can, $2.48/lb

Kroger – Can not sold at store, $2.49/lb


*Cayenne (Ground, Organic):

Walmart – $3.98

Kroger – $3.79

*Sea Salt (McCormick):

Walmart – $4.08

Kroger – $3.19

*Black Peppercorn (McCormick):

Walmart – $4.08

Kroger – $3.19


Walmart (Mission 20ct) – $2.18

Kroger (Kroger 10ct) – $1.49


Walmart (Great Value Fiesta Blend 8 oz) – $1.98

Kroger (Kraft Mexican Style 8 oz) – $3.00

*Purchase could be for future usage so is more of a one-time cost