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Love Advice from the Single


Written by Joyelle Ronan

I give pretty good relationship advice. If you’re thinking, “But Joy, you’ve been single for so long. How do you know anything about love?” First of all, don’t call me out like that. Secondly, that’s exactly the reason why I’m qualified to advise others. When cupid is depicted, he’s always alone. It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s a baby. It’s because single people give better advice when it comes to love.

You don’t need to be a player to be a coach, you just have to know the game, and single people know the game.

Your single friends have an outside view of your relationship that you can only get in hindsight. They have no biases formed in their current relationship because they’re not in one. Your friend in a relationship can’t help but bring up what they did/would do with John/Jane Doe. It’s not their fault, love can make people oblivious.

Now that you’re ruled out asking your coupled friends, you must decide which single friend to go to for advice. This can be tricky. You don’t want to ask a newly single friend, they may be too bitter still.

In fact, avoid any friend who might say things like “love is a lie” or “I’m going to die alone with my cats.” You need a friend who loves love. One who has some experience or has at least seen an extensive amount of romantic comedies. (It’s preferable that they have a Communications or Psychology major — but not necessary.)

To all my fellow advice givers, keep in mind that your friends may not follow your advice — regardless of how genius it may be. As I previously mentioned, people in love are oblivious. Love is strange and unpredictable, is blind.

If we’ve learned anything from Sex and the City and Carrie Bradshaw, it’s that even the experts aren’t perfect. However, we also learned from Sex and the City that your friends are there for you through breakups, hookups, flirtations, and the real thing.