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A Lot of Tears, but Not So Much Love


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

Everyone in my circle of friends, and honestly many others around campus, know that I am a big Bachelor fan. For years now, Mondays are a day to look forward to, knowing that at 8 PM EST, it’s time to watch The Bachelor/The Bachelorette. This season, viewers have gotten to watch the journey of Peter Weber, and when Chris Harrison says that it’s “the most dramatic season yet,” he means it this time. In fact, due to the excess of drama, this week we were presented with a three-hour episode on Monday and an additional episode on Wednesday. 

The season started off with Peter’s ex from past season of The Bachelorette, and fans went wild hoping he would take her back. Luckily for Peter, he realized he was Hannah’s third choice, and the two parted ways. Hannah went on to win Dancing With The Stars, and Peter continued his journey as the bachelor.

Since then, viewers have watched The Bachelor’s Champagne Gate in episode three. Kelsey had planned to share a bottle of champagne, one that she had been saving for a special occasion, with Peter — while Hannah Ann accidentally stole her spotlight, as she’d also asked the producers for a champagne surprise. Kelsey thought she stole her surprise on purpose, but Hannah Ann denied it. Peter sought Kelsey out, and she attempted to drink the champagne right out of the bottle, not realizing it would then bubble out, all over her face.

The producers really did Victoria P. dirty when they arranged for her country singer ex-boyfriend, Chase Rice, to perform for Peter and her on their first date. This made for an awkward conversation between Peter and Victoria P., but it got cleared up after a few (a lot of) tears.

Peter rocked the boat when a girl he had sent home, Alayah, showed back up, and he kept her around. In her short time back, she stirred the pot in the house and certainly made Peter question some of his relationships. Needless to say, her stay didn’t last long, and she soon went packing.

There’s clearly been a lot of drama, a lot of tears, and a lot of catty bickering. One thing we haven’t gotten to see a lot of are how the relationships have developed. Take Madison for example — she immediately hit it off with Peter on the first date where she was invited to his parent’s vow renewal ceremony. Since then, we have gotten to see small moments between the two, but for the most part, their relationship has been overshadowed by the constant drama.

Sure, Hannah B. coming back to start off the season, and the producers arranging for ex-boyfriends to make awkward appearances spices up the show and makes for good TV, but it has become too much. I’m hoping for much less drama and more relationship-building in the following episodes.