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A Modest Proposal for the New Decade


Written by Zachary Dalton

The year is 2020. A hundred years ago it was 1920. They had an exquisite nickname for the 1920s: “The Roaring Twenties.” A lot of New Year’s Eve parties had that exact theme (realistically they were just Great Gatsby themed because everyone loves my boy DiCaprio).

I believe that this year should have a stellar nickname to signify its uniqueness. I’m proposing that we start referring to 2020 as “the Screeching Twenties.” There are a few reasons on why I believe we should use this title. The first and most prominent reason is because, let’s face it, a lot of us are screeching. Screaming, crying, and even shrieking within the first month of 2020. Whether this be because of joy, or politics, or football, or classes — there is a cause for our collective dread.

By referring to 2020 as “the Screeching Twenties,” we’ll be able to show future generations exactly how 2020 started. Another reason to use this title comes from the biggest reason to screech: historical events. I don’t want to get too preachy, but Australia is literally on fire.

There is no doubt that what we’ve been witnessing is a historical event in the making. Along with that, Joker became the first comic-based movie to be nominated for Best Picture. The most remarkable thing to happen is Brad and Jennifer reuniting at the SAG Awards. The final reason to use “Screeching Twenties” is the one I want to drive home. When 2020 was started we were reminded that another full decade just flew by. I swear I looked down at my watch New Year’s Eve on 2015 and suddenly it was 2020. If that doesn’t make you want to let out an existential screech, I don’t know what will. From everyone here at the Opinion Page: Happy Screeching Twenties. Good luck.