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Holiday Gift Guide


Written by Laurel Moore

As the holidays are fast approaching, the time window for buying gifts is quickly closing. The Christmas season can seem a little stressful when you’re tasked with trying to buy the perfect gifts for your friends and family. Let’s face it, we are all broke college students expected to buy gifts like the adult everyone likes to think we are. It can often be hard to think of the perfect gift for all the special people in your life who mean so much to you. Here is a guide to picking out thoughtful, inexpensive gifts that will instantly be a hit.

Funny yet relevant socks. Nothing says friendship (or family) like a pair of socks that portray the perfect inside joke or quote. These are usually under 10 bucks and are a very practical gift. They are a unique way to express your appreciation for anyone on your mind.

A cozy beanie. Everyone, young or old, can love and use a nice winter hat. Even if they already own 6 or have never owned one, it will be useful for anyone you buy it for. It is more expensive than other things on this list, but it will definitely last for whoever you chose to buy it for.

Simple jewelry. This is mainly for the women in your life but could be applicable to the others as well. Anything simple, necklace or earrings, is a perfect gift for any woman in your life, just remember less is more.

Bath and Body Works. When in doubt, buy them something that smells great. This is a reasonably inexpensive gift that can be for anyone on your list. They have something there for any age as well. Between hand sanitizer, lotion, candles, or even something from the men’s collection. Not to mention that they are always running sales in there.

Stickers. Every person around our age range loves random stickers to add to their collection. Whether it be from their favorite tv show/movie or an iconic vine. Regardless of what it is, it will show the person that you put personal thought into their gift. Another great perk of getting a sticker or two for someone is that they are a very inexpensive way to celebrate someone this Christmas season.

Candy/Food. Candy is always a safe bet for gifts, as is food. If you’re close enough to the person to get them a gift, then chances are you have noticed the kinds of candy and food they gravitate towards. Buy it in bulk, wrap it in some festive paper, and you’re good to go.

Posters/Decor. Whether you are shopping for the guys in your life or the gals, posters and decor can be fun. Know a guy’s favorite team? Get a poster! See a cute canvas? Grab it for your gal pal!

If none of these strike you as the one you are looking for, when in doubt go with a sentimental gift. Nothing shows that you care more than a handmade gift, or even one that expresses something that is special for them specifically. This shows that you took time to pick out/make a unique gift that means something to both of you.