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Victoria’s Secret Fashion (No) Show


Written by Jessica Shelburne

Every year since 1995, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show has aired across millions of television screens as women who embody the VS idea of beauty strut the catwalk in dazzling lingerie. However, it was recently confirmed by VS parent company, L Brands, that the 2019 fashion show has been canceled. 

This comes as a disappointment for many loyal viewers and VS models well known for their angel status. Model Georgia Fowler says, “I’ve done it for the past three years and it was always a dream growing up to be a part of it…It’s disappointing it’s not going to happen this year – but who knows what will happen.”

Leslie Wexner, chief executive of L Brands, claims there is a need to rethink effective marketing of the show, switching from broadcast television to digital platforms. Wexner believes the show “must evolve and change to grow” hoping to create “a new kind of event.”

The cancelation of the show was only a matter of time and is truly a win for feminism and equality. Beauty standards have shifted dramatically in the last decade, conforming less to conventional ideals and instead promoting acceptance and positivity for all body types. 

Viewing rates for the fashion show have decreased marginally each year since it’s initiation, largely due to the inclusion of only one body type (think VS model) that is considerably unrealistic for all and difficult to achieve. This lack of viewership is reflected in market shares for VS itself, which decreased nearly 10% between 2016 and 2018, though it is still America’s leading lingerie brand.

There is hope that the fashion show will return in the future, perhaps on a different media platform. But in the meantime, anyone can receive a mini fashion show by taking a scroll through any of the model’s Instagram accounts.