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Meeting Your Significant Other’s Family


Written by Laurel Moore

Thanksgiving can be a great time to finally introduce your s/o to your family. In my circumstance, Thanksgiving means meeting a lot of family all at once. While this can be an overwhelming time for your significant other, here are some unique tips to make sure your significant other’s family loves you just as much as your significant other does.

  1. Be yourself. While this may seem like an obvious thing, when under pressure to please the family, it may seem very easy to stretch the truth about things they are asking you. Remember, it is better to be hated for the truth than to be liked for being a fraud.
  2. Go at it with an open mind. Try not to make assumptions about what they are going to be like, and don’t be so quick to judge them. A first impression at a large family event like Thanksgiving can be overwhelming for you and the family. Be polite and be open, some people may surprise you.
  3. Be social. This one can be the hardest. I am fairly introverted and have to force myself to be social with people I don’t know or am wanting to impress. Families usually like someone who isn’t standoffish and can jump into the swing of things. Even if it isn’t your thing, try to join in on casual conversation. It shows them that you’re putting effort in to meeting everyone.
  4. The final tip I have is to get in good with the kids. I know this sounds weird, but kids are very blunt and honest. If they like you, they’ll be sure to mention you to their parents and talk highly of you. Parents love anyone who is good to their kids, so this one I deem pretty important. If they don’t like you, they’ll be sure to tell everyone exactly how they feel about you, without holding back. You want to leave an impression that has them talking good about you for days after you’ve left.