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Answering Questions on Your Relationship Status


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

Thanksgiving is time spent with family and friends around a table full of food. With that, comes plenty of time to catch up with your second cousins who you only see once or twice a year. Once you get past the typical “how’s your semester going?” and “are you ready for exams?” questions, they’ve gotten you all buttered up to get to the real stuff- your relationship status. You know it’s coming, and here are some of the most likely asked questions and how to respond:

1. Question: “Sooo, are there any cute boys/girls in your life?” 

What you’re thinking: “Well of course there are! There’s one who sits in the center table of Commons, one who I always see at the gym, one who lives on my hall, and one I sit beside in class.”

What to say: “Sure there are, but none that really stand out to me.”

2. Question: “When are you going to bring someone home for Thanksgiving?”

What you’re thinking: “Yikes. Am I at that age where it’s expected for me to bring a plus one to Thanksgiving? When did that happen? Who will little cousin Jack sit with at the kid’s table?”

What to say: “Whenever I find someone worthy of meeting you guys.” This will make them go, “Aww you’re so sweet,” and hopefully change the subject. Unless they say…

3. Question: “You are so sweet and have the nicest smile. I’m sure you have dates lined up.”

What you’re thinking: “Well, Gramma, unfortunately now a days, it takes more than a nice smile.”

What to say: “Thank you, Gramma. By the way, I love the green beans you made.”

4. Question: “Did you know your uncle and I met in college and got married the summer after we graduated?”

What you’re thinking: “Of course I know that because you have told me every year since I got to college, and now I’m past the age where you guys met, and there’s only a little bit of pressure.”

What to say: “Yeah, I think you told me that one year. That’s nice!” 

Be prepared for questions from your dear Aunt Gabby, cousin Max, and lots from your Gramma. You know it’s coming, so be polite, answer their questions, but you don’t have to go into great detail.