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Written by Caisi Calandra

This article may be coming a little late to the party, but it still holds importance. Every year, Halloween comes and goes in a flurry of new Internet memes and youthful humor. But the older we get, the more our relationship with Halloween changes. Halloween sort of morphs into this holiday during which anything can happen, depending on your age and where you celebrate it.

When you’re younger, Halloween’s are spent trick-or-treating with friends in costumes. But the older we get, the more intricate the holiday gets. People who have a passion for Halloween spend more time and money on costumes the older they get. And there are even days on which Halloween is celebrated, and it’s not even the 31 of October.

There are more parties, more small events you might have to attend, or want to go to. Some people feel the need to come up with individual costumes for each event, and some don’t care. But it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Halloween is less like a day and more like a week — Halloweek, if you will. Next fall’s students will have the joy of celebrating Halloween on a Friday, and I don’t doubt for a second this rare occasion won’t be taken advantage of.

Even though Halloween has its own special day, it’s interesting to see that this is one of the major holidays that grows up with you, in a way. Its celebrations and mischief-making totally depends on your age and who you’re friends with, being one of the only major holidays that focuses less on family (except for Valentine’s Day, of course). Halloween keeps getting better and bigger, keeps morphing into a holiday that requires you to change how you participate in it. And, surprisingly, even allows you to partake in it when you’re older and willing to give out candy. For such a strange holiday, based on tricking and asking for treats, it really does grow with you.