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Living for the Moment, Not the Holiday


Written by Jessica Shelburne

The latter half of the year is complete with the majority of annual holidays. From the 4th of July to New Years, it is easy to rush from one holiday to the next without taking time to enjoy the present and the gift that each new day brings. Fall decorations are put out in stores before summer is over and Christmas music plays on the radio practically two months before Christmas even happens, completely glazing over Thanksgiving, which is overwhelmed by Black Friday anyway. 

Each of these special occasions are meaningful and anticipated for the joy they bring. But the extra-ordinary day comes and goes in 24 hours, just like every other day. So why can’t every day, regardless of whether it’s a holiday, be celebrated simply for the fact that we get to experience more life? 

Thousands of people die each day, most not knowing that it would be their last. It is unfortunate and morbid to consider, but the sun is not guaranteed to rise in the morning and no one is promised the future. To always be looking for the next best thing removes the significance of the present, which is just as important to experience, because the now becomes the past with each tick of the clock. 

Time seems to pass more quickly the older we get, so it is important to account for every evening spent with friends, every cup of coffee sipped before class, and every deep breath taken after completing an exam. All of these seemingly insignificant moments are equally as deserving of the attention we pay to holidays.

To wake up is an achievement and to endure a full day is a success. Living with this mindset can make a bland Monday equally as wonderful as a special occasion if one just takes the time to be mindfully aware of the current moment.