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Watch Out For Smooth Talkin, Slow Rockin Boys


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

Welcome back to campus – where the energy is high and deprived students are ready for some much-needed attention and flirtation. In the last three months, we’ve all had some time to reflect on what we want this year to bring, and some are ready to act on their love interest’s thirst trap beach pics from the summer months. Before you get too caught up in the “wooing,” take a step back and beware of these red flags. 

  1. If you’re looking for more than just a hookup, watch out for the “wyd wanna come to my dorm” text that pops up on your phone at 12:30am. 
  2. If your POI talks too much about their ex or latest summer fling, then chances are they aren’t over it yet. 
  3. If none of your friends like your newest POI, then you might be missing something. 
  4. If they never ask about your day or how your classes are going, then they might not care about you as much as you think. 
  5. If they never want to do anything more than Netflix and Chill when their roommate heads out, then they probably aren’t looking for anything more than a hookup. 
  6. If they guilt trip you into hanging out with them or into making the decision they want you to, then that’s an early sign of a controlling relationship. 
  7. If they seem to be hiding you from their friends or never wanting to eat with you, or even talk to you, in Commons, then that is a sign there might be another POI in the picture because why wouldn’t they want to show you off a little? 
  8. If you’re a freshman, just be careful of seniors; I’m not saying rule them out, but definitely assess the situation carefully.

Whether or not you’re a freshman, naive of the college relationship ways and all too common hookup culture, or you’re a senior who keeps trying to find the good fish in the sea, good luck, and don’t settle, especially not this early in the school year. Keep these red flags in mind, and always remember your worth!