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Calling the Fashion Police


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

Labor Day has come and gone. We honored our troops, and maybe watched a fireworks display or attended a barbeque. The pools have closed their doors as we now look forward to the fall months coming ahead. This day also marked a change in fashion for many Southerners- packing up their white sandals and trading their white jeans for a darker wash pair. Some of you reading this might be making a puzzled look, but here in the South, at least, wearing white shoes and pants is only allowed between Memorial Day and Labor Day. 

This fashion rule started appearing around the 1950s because white is typically a summery color, and the color helps keep you cool during the summer months- between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Another possibility for the rule is that the color white oftentimes the color white represented a look of leisure for when the upper class would return from their summer holiday. 

It is somewhat of an older tradition, that has since faded. 81% of Roanoke College students voted they wear white after Labor Day, and many of the voters didn’t understand or know why this was a question being asked. 

What do you do if it’s still warm after Labor Day, and you have the perfect outfit to wear that will only be completed by your white wedges? Well, this is up to you. If you live by the rules presented from TLC’s show What Not to Wear, then find a pair of black pumps instead. If you choose to ignore the rule, then it seems not many RC students will call you out on it. After all, you did buy the shoes, and it would be a shame for them to only get worn for 12 weeks out of the year. Just be careful not to step in a mud puddle or let your ice cream cone drip on your bright pants.