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Professor McConaughey?


Written by Jessica Shelburne

Welcome back to school students and, at the University of Texas at Austin, Matthew McConaughey. The famous actor and producer is approaching half a century of life and is celebrating with a new endeavor – academics. A graduate of UT Austin himself, McConaughey is not brand new to the campus. 

In a photo taken of McConaughey, surrounded by affectionate-looking students, he is dressed casually in an untucked button-down and flip-flops, seemingly more concerned for his profession than his appearance. Among the many reasons one can adore the sultry love interest from the classic movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, his passion for film is commendable. He states that collaborating with students in the classroom will grant him an opportunity to prepare them for a future career in film. 

Aside from his vocation as an educator, McConaughey is also titled the “Minister of Culture” at the college where he and numerous other colleagues are working together to construct a groundbreaking basketball arena. “The arena will provide for an unforgettable UT basketball experience and represent the best of our university,” stated UT Austin President Gregory Fenves.” McConaughey’s role specifically is to ensure that the culture of the Austin area is kept at the forefront, something he feels is necessary to do as a patriotic Austin resident himself.

McConaughey is involved and undoubtedly respected on campus, but you have to wonder what it must be like to have this award-winning, smooth talking, master of the big screen assigning you homework. His office hours are likely crowded with fans and his classes highly selective and always at max capacity. It must be at least slightly difficult to pay attention and regard him in a purely professional manner. 

Unquestionably, there are some challenges amongst the benefits a student and fan of Professor McConaughey’s might face.