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Improve Your Tinder Profile With These TEN COMMANDMENTS

  1. Get rid of pictures of dead animals. Deer? Bears? Fish? Nope.
  2. No underwear pics. It’s 2019, and this year we wear pants in our Tinder profiles.
  3. Use group photos sparingly, the guessing game can get old pretty quick.
  4. Get rid of photos of JUST your car or JUST your dog. Everyone loves pictures of dogs and dusty 2001 Toyota Camrys, but maybe not on a Tinder profile.
  5. Don’t lie about your age. It’s obvious and what does it even accomplish?
  6. Use more than one photo. We need options, people.
  7. Rethink overused quotes in your bio, especially ones about having a good time, not a long time or anything about Jim and Pam.
  8. Don’t NOT have a bio. Put SOMETHING there and you’re golden (as long as it’s not racist, sexist or otherwise generally offensive).
  9. Don’t wear sunglasses in all of your pictures. You’re not one of the Men in Black.
  10. Don’t use a picture with you and your ex, blur out their faces and say, “this could be you.” It’s tacky.