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Commons, Cavern, and…Kroger?


Written by Lorin Brice Hall

Everyone’s hungry and sometimes we don’t want Cavern, or Commons isn’t open. So we go to Sheetz or some other all night greasy place and spend too much money on food that will probably make us feel like a wreck later. There is a simple solution to not resorting to stuffing yourself with unhealthy comfort food: Cooking!

Cooking is much more rewarding and enriching than any burger or large fries, and much cheaper too. The best places to purchase groceries, in this writer’s humble opinion, are the two Krogers located conveniently close to campus! The Kroger on Main Street is 24 hours, and the Kroger on Electric Ave. closes at midnight. But Kroger is an exemplary place to shop because it’s cheap! If you plan on shopping there regularly, then I suggest that you get a free Kroger Rewards card in order to save more money.

While at Kroger, though the items that the casual cook should pay attention to are: eggs (an 18 count carton of Kroger brand eggs goes for only $2.18!), bread, other basic sandwich materials, soup (you could also get broth in order to make your own soup, which is ridiculously easy to do! Just throw some stuff in a pot with broth and bam! Soup!), pasta and some fruit to fend off scurvy!

If you were looking at picking up some drinks then I recommend purchasing 2 twelve packs of Kroger Brand sparkling water for only $5! That’s 24 sparklers for five dollars! Shoppers should avoid purchasing microwave meals, as those are less cost-effective, but the Kroger brand frozen pizza is less than $3.50, so that right there is a steal! So instead of turning to grease to fulfill those midnight munchies, use some complimentary taxi vouchers to get to Kroger and whip up a great meal for a fraction of the cost.