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Sushi Provides Different Meal Choice: Local Restaurants Offer Dish as Specialty


Written by Lorin Brice Hall

This week Commons served sushi alongside its normal lunch. Commons has always had a secondary meal option during the lunch rush and some alternate lunches that have been traditionally served include falafel, MYO omelet which carries over from breakfast, smoothies and veggie lo mein. These meals are great for vegetarians as they provide a respite from the generic steamed veggies that are always offered. However this is the first time that Commons has offered sushi.

Sushi, a traditional Japanese dish, first appeared on the Yoro Code, a list of governing laws created in 718 A.C.E, and was a way of preserving fish by covering the seafood in fermented rice, with the fish being eaten entirely separate from the rice. Since its origins, sushi has considerably evolved and diversified. Sushi is now an umbrella term for a range of dishes. Commons decision to include sushi in its roster of secondary meal items means that there’s now something new to anticipate. If you like a quick snack that is filling and refreshing then try Sushi. Commons offers it irregularly as a meal at dinner, when this happens it is often paired with Miso Soup, and now it is in the roster of secondary meal options for lunch.

Restaurants in the Salem area that offer sushi include Tokyo Express, Hibachi Express, Cafe Asia and the Sakura Japanese Steak and Seafood house. Bushi, a restaurant in downtown Roanoke, has recently changed the local sushi game. The restaurants name is derived from the word Bushido, which is the ethical warrior code of the Samurai. This restaurant takes sushi and just enlarges it into a burrito. Instead of the cut up slices one would normally picture it’s just a larger roll. The shop also sells poke which is the burrito bowl equivalent of sushi. If you have never tried sushi before than you should experiment and give it a try!