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Humans of RC: Veronica Nordyke


Written by Ale Carino

Veronica Nordyke is a junior at RC from Litchfield, New Hampshire. She is majoring in Communication Studies with a Math minor, and is currently involved in many different on-campus activities including Greek life, Residence Life and the RC Music Department.

“I would love to go into broadcast journalism. That’s kind of my dream job, but really I just took Comm and math because I wanted something flexible that, coming out of college, I would be able to use in many different areas. I like communication, but I also like technical, analytical thinking, and the math helps show that. Walking into the workplace, I’ll be able to have a good mix of academic abilities to help push me forward.

“I am in Chi Omega, I work in the Admissions office as an assistant, I am in the Wind Ensemble (I play the flute), I am also in the acapella group Mainstreet and I am Assistant Music Director for them. I am also an RA for Northside!

This is my first year being an RA, and I love it! My favorite thing has to be that I am in control of creating a nice, positive environment for my floor. Being in control and knowing that if something isn’t going the way that it should, I am able to take care of it so that everyone around me is happy and content. I really like being able to do that for people.

“I rushed Chi O my first semester of sophomore year. Basically, I went to a small high school and I had some really close friends that I’d been friends with since I was, like, two years old and I had a really difficult time creating close friendships here and I kind of figured, what’s it going to hurt to rush and make new friends in a fairly quick and easy way? I chose Chi O because I really liked their philanthropy, which was Make-a-Wish. I really support that, because I have done that for years too. I also liked the fact that sororities have benefits for the future.

My family is very musical. My mom was on Broadway and my dad did theatre for a while, so we were raised very musical. I have always been involved in music, and I chose the flute because it sounded the most beautiful. I stuck with it for so long that when I came here, RC offered band scholarships, so I got a good scholarship. With acapella, I love singing, so it was cool for me to be able to balance band and singing in a more fun, less time consuming and serious way. Mainstreet is like a tight-knit clique, and it was like a second sorority in a great way!

My main goal this year is just to keep positive! My motto is “glass half full.” It’s really easy to waver and be negative, especially during the school year when it’s stressful for so many different reasons. You never know when life is going to throw you lemons. Always stay positive, and keep a mindset that avoids negative thinking. My dad texts me every day to remind me: ‘glass half-full!’”