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The Swipe Out: TEAL Me About it, Stud!


Written by Shamira James

If you have me on Snapchat (shameless plug it’s queen.shamiraaa), then you know last year I started the #TealMovements trend on my story any time I got two or more teal objects in Commons. I assumed that everyone understood the importance to these pretty platters but just last week I was met with a distasteful glare from a girl when I reached under a red and yellow plate to grab a teal plate. While I constantly complain my neck, my back and etc. hurting, I promise I’ve only been here for four years, but even I get the importance of the plate.

They’re rare! More rare than a Charizard card or whatever you kids are into these days. Every stack you see in Commons is full of green, orange or red plates but seeing a teal plate is almost as magical as a double rainbow.

Another reason I wouldn’t not push someone out of my way to get to get one of those shiny beauts is because they’re said to be good luck. Between harder-than-expected exams, group projects, trying to find a seat on a Tuesday/Thursday lunch block, or shooting your shot in the witching hour, PLEASE TRY AND TELL ME THAT WE ALL COULDN’T USE A LITTLE LUCK NOWADAYS!

Finally, and most truthfully, it’s tradition. When I got here my freshman year, my roommate invited me to eat with some of her friends who weren’t freshman. One of the guys got a teal plate and made a big deal of it and I didn’t think much of it, but then I would hear in passing (or because I was nosy as hell and would poke my nose into everyone’s business) that other people were just as happy about this plate. When I got it the plate myself for myself, I felt it. It’s a little less exciting than winning the lottery but just as exciting as finding $20 on the street.

Whether, I’m digging through a stack to get to ol’ teal eyes or I see her at the top of the pile smiling right back at me, it’s more than just the prettiest dish to eat tendies and cheese shells off of, for me it’s a little quirk that makes Commons my favorite place.