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Expand Your Online Vocabulary With New Twitter Lingo

Written by Shamira James

As someone who is an active member of Stan Twitter (which sounds super cringey having to say it out loud), it is literally the most annoying thing when I use stan Twitter language and people look at me like my wig grew another head. Like, I’m gonna need everyone to be a little less basic and get with the trends. We don’t love well-versed queens and we refuse to stan, so here is your guide to becoming a legend.

Stan (v.) – derived from the 2000 hit from Eminem, “Stan”, a stan began as a noun meaning an obsessed fan. However, Twitter began to use the term as a verb. Ex. Did you see Normani’s split during the Fifth Harmony’s performance, we’ve decided to stan forever.

Skinnty (adj.) – While it looks similar to the word “skinny,” the difference is immense. Skinny is the way someone looks, but skinnty is a way of life and it can apply to so many things. It can apply to everything from going to the gym and doing the most intense workout to simply trading in a cup of dark soda for a sip of water. Anything you do to better yourself makes you skinnty. Ex. Shelly only ate 6 out 8 slices of pizza…a skinnty legend.

Canceled (adj.) – This is mainly used when any celebrity/social media star/YouTuber comes out with a scandal when all the evidence is against them. To cancel someone is to stop supporting them, stop listening to them, stop watching them and stop contributing to their advancement of their career. Ex. After Chris Brown’s scandal in 2009 he should be cancelled but y’all are fake like that. Also see. ‘over’

Bop (n.) – This only applies to songs that are older than five years but every time you hear them, they move you physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, metaphysically and everything in between. While everyone has their own preference for bops, there are some that are just universally accepted. Ex. Beyonce’s “Love On Top” is a bop. See also. ‘banger,’ ‘jam’, ‘groove.’

Keyboard smashing (v.) – this is for when you cannot truly express your feelings in a calm way and they all need to come out immediately with almost no hesitation or actual thought. Ex. I’m so mad and hungry and tired and sleepy and just kjejdkjcdjskchjd I WANNA GO HOME

Tea (n.) – any type hidden truth and/or gossip is tea. No one likes old tea unless it’s always relevant like the JFK and Marilyn Monroe scandal. Everyone LOVES piping hot tea. The closer to burning my mouth, the better! Ex. I don’t know why Bella always complains about Mary, the real tea is that Bella never cleans her up after herself, she’s lazy and unmotivated and doesn’t have any actual friends of her own.

Wig (n) – A wig refers to exactly what you know it is. In this sense, it’s how it’s used that matters. So if you hear particularly hot tea about someone and you’re shook, your wig would be affected by it somehow. Ex. When Sheryl told that tea, girl, my wig packed up its Gucci bag and left.

Shaking/Quaking (v.) – When someone is shaking or quaking they are extremely shook. Ex. I actually did my homework tonight, all you Dean’s List kids are shaking, I’m coming for your spot sis.