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Humans of RC: Madame President, Olivia Kitt


Written by Emma Grosskopf and Shamira James

Olivia Kitt, a junior political science major with a legal studies concentration and a sociology minor, is arguably one of the busiest people on campus. A Roanoke native, Kitt has been extremely active during the last couple weeks with her involvement in Orientation activities with RC’s newest additions, Class of 2022.

“Two years ago I was a freshman, which is kind of crazy to think about! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun, I guess, or when you’re stressed! Either way!

Throughout my time here, I’ve learned that it’s really important to get involved on campus. I’m student body president, I’m a part of the Academic Integrity Council, the Maroon Baptist Fellowship, Alpha Phi Omega,  which is a service fraternity here on campus and many other things.

This year I got work with the freshmen as an Orientation Leader, and I had a really good group! What I’ve seen with the freshmen is that they’re really excited and want to get involved, and they want to see things outside of their comfort zone. That’s one of the great things about RC! It’s a liberal arts college, so you’re really encouraged to explore other fields and interests.

I’ve learned that one of the great things about life is that you have to go through hardships in order to realize some of your greatest triumphs. At my time here at RC, I’ve had my fair share of setbacks, but I’ve been able to get so involved, being president, it’s insane!

My role for the freshmen was a sort of nurturing figure. I wanted them to know, “Hey guys, if you ever need me you can call me or text me, I’m always here for you, whenever you need me.” That’s what I hope they got from me, that they always have a friend here at Roanoke if everything else fails.

My advice for freshmen? Take advantage of the community. This is the perfect place to make connections, whether that be with your professors, through internships, through service organizations, this is the time NOW. The relationships that you make here at RC will spread beyond this. There are so many alumni that come back every Alumni Weekend because they love this place. Because Roanoke will always be a home.”