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Maroons Talk Back(ety-Ack)


Written by Shamira James and Emma Grosskopf

Whether it’s for three months or for good, what are you going to miss most about RC?

Dr. Schultz, RC Professor, Overall Blessing to the English Department, “That’s easy. Most of all, I’ll miss my courageous students and seeing them change and grow over their four years here into remarkable students.”

Ben Mowers, senior, Arts Department Angel, “I’ll miss the community and the atmosphere. I won’t miss class but I’ll miss RC.”

Elly Goodwin, international student, British Invasion in the Best Way, “I’m gonna miss RC Sports, especially basketball!”

Jeremy Littlejohn and Max Menzel, freshmen, The Tallest Freshman I’ve Ever Met, “Definitely gonna miss hanging with my mates all the time, but I’ll be back!” “Yeah, I’m gonna miss having the freedom to do whatever I want but summer is about to be fun”