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Cold-Season Cuffing Is OUT, Spring Flings Have Sprung


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

The winter months are coming to an end, which means you might be tired of being cuffed to the same boo. Sure, the cuddles were nice while it was cold, but the days are getting warmer and sunnier, making you want some excitement.  However, not everyone’s cuffing season is ending. For some, it’s just beginning, while others have been waiting all winter for their spring fling (or flings). RC students share what they prefer and are excited for. Can you relate?

Spring Cuffer— “I was not cuffed, but am definitely hoping for a spring fling. I do prefer being cuffed, though, because when you wake up you know there is someone there to love you, but with a spring fling you don’t know who you are going to end up with.” -Senior Male

Single and Ready to Mingle— “I am recently uncuffed, so I am not looking for a long term spring fling, but I am looking for the possibility of having that freedom. I loved being cuffed because I knew someone was always there for me. Spring flings are a bit more exciting because there’s not as much commitment. I’m not looking for something long-term, so I’m looking for something very flingy.” -Sophomore, Female

Forever Cuffed–“I had my first date with my girlfriend on the Nov. 12 and will absolutely stay cuffed with her. The best part about being cuffed is seeing her every day and cuddling. Since it’s really cold outside, we don’t leave the dorm on the weekends because we love cuddling.” -Freshman Male

Spring Flings Are Her Thing–“I absolutely prefer spring flings because it’s more fun all around. There’s no other time in your life that you’re going to be living with this many people your own age. You’re with all your peers, and everyone has the same desires, so it’s really fun to take advantage of that, because there’s not many other times in your life like this.” –Junior Female