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I’m the Hottest In the Street, Know You Probably Heard of Me

Written by Shamira James

RC is offering students a chance to write the influential and moving speeches that the freshmen hear during convocation. Yes, RC wants current students to be the voice of reason, wisdom and adventure for the hungover, unenthused and eager-to-leave. The essays have to be between 600 – 800 words and should reflect what it means to be a Maroon based on what you’ve experienced thus far in your academic career at RC. Up to three students will get a whopping $200 scholarship and chance to be the last thing students want to hear.

While giving away money always draws interest, there are enough pompous writers on campus who already think that everything they write should be published. There is a better and more effective method to get the class of 2022 excited for their next four years.

Scratch the entire competition.

There’s just no need to have everyone crowded in the sauna that is Bast just to have them forget everything that they were told. Here’s the solution: get someone who people will want to listen to, no matter how much their skin is sticking to the metal folding chairs. Someone who is an undeniable icon and undoubtable legend. Someone who cannot do anything without being idolized. Someone who’s big Bronx boogie got all them girls shook.

Yes, this is a plea for Roanoke College to get Cardi B to speak this year’s freshman convocation.

Not only will all the freshman be there in full attendance and fully attentive, but so will any and everyone within a 100-mile radius of the school. Cardi B has such wisdom to offer to the youth. Aside from all of her incredible and inspiring lyrics like “I be in and out them banks so much, I know they tired of me” or “Why would I hop in some beef, when I could just hop in a Porsche,” but she also offers lessons in her everyday life. Her Instagram account is not only full of videos that inspire young women to love their bodies, but be who they are and don’t pay attention to those who speak negative about you.

The inspiration continues on Twitter as well with things like “You better realize your worth and stop settling for bare minimum…” and “Me: unbothered, moisturized, in my lane, well-hydrated, flourishing,” and who can forget “You wanna know my secret? I pray a lot”?

Cardi B not only transcends female power and positivity through her lyrics, but she also has positive messages all over her social media. So, here’s the official plea for the college: don’t waste the money on mediocre nervous speeches by p, put all the money you can find into having the most influential regular degular smegular girl from the Bronx talk to the next bunch of hopeful freshman.