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Humans of Roanoke College: Nicole Brobston


Written by Shamira James

Nicole Brobston is a senior at Roanoke College, where she is double majoring in creative writing and literary studies. She also is editor of On Concept’s Edge, Roanoke’s literary magazine, and a finalist for the Fulbright U.S. Student Program in Germany.

“I knew I wanted to apply [for the Fulbright program] since freshman year because of a class I had with Professor Jenny Rosti. I would actually go to her class and cry everyday, because I was so homesick. But she was so great, and we built a good relationship. She eventually asked me if I had ever heard of the Fulbright program. That led me get more involved.

I came into college not wanting to write at all. I wanted to teach, definitely on a college level and more geared towards the literary side of it. The further I got into the major and the internships I did with Bella Magazine and Leisure Media it just hit that that’s what I wanted to do. So, I ended up switching career paths.

I’m applying to MFA [master of fine arts programs], because I decided I want to write, specifically poetry – so I’m not going to make any money. I still do want to teach, but I would also want to be published and be popular with the small circle of people who do still read poetry.

I’ve applied to nine [graduate] schools. I got accepted at American University and I got a funding package for half of tuition. American has a lot of dynamic writers, and I think I could fit in nicely, as I wrote a poem, “A glossary of men I shouldn’t have slept with.”

I’ll miss Roanoke College. I’ll miss the English department, which has almost become my home. All of the professors I work with made me feel so comfortable to the point where I changed my mind freshman year from transferring [from Roanoke], because I was nine hours away from home and lonely. You make great relationships here and that’s what I love. Professors wants to be resources, and they want to support you.”