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Calm Before the Stormi: Kylie Jenner Adds to the Krew


Written by Harrison Mines

It was the mystery we all pre-solved: Kylie Jenner finally confirmed her pregnancy with a birth announcement this past Sunday. After an elusive, infuriating nine-month hiatus, Jenner broke the news with a simple text post on all her social media platforms. She announced her daughter was born Feb. 1 and offered her appreciation for friends and family that respected her privacy during her time out of the public eye. Kylie also uploaded a video diary to YouTube entitled “For Our Daughter”. The mini-doc, totaling over 37 million views to date, captures sweet and starkly ordinary moments throughout the star’s secret pregnancy. Kylie included in the announcement her need for the most stress-free, healthy and happy pregnancy experience possible. Her video detailing her doctor’s appointments with boyfriend Travis Scott, pregnancy cravings and baby shower festivities portrayed exactly that.

Kylie’s new emphasis on family and anti-spectacle are far cries from her past public image of lip kits, selfies and often offensive ostentatiousness. Though congratulation has already circulated through the Kardashian chain of command, Jenner maintains a gratitude and humility about motherhood unrecognizable to the Kylie of the past. “For Our Daughter” incorporates the theme of positive redirection, as Kylie and her many friends assure the world that her life has been changed for the better. Her mature turn into motherhood and selflessness may dawn a new, more purposeful chapter for the famous family.