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Maroon Madness: RC Hoopin’ and Hollerin’


Maroon Madness took place this past Saturday, and anyone who went saw two great basketball games, collected free stuff, and saw several more opportunities to win big prizes.  The event opened with the men’s game which would remain close until the last few minutes. The team was able to get past Shenandoah 85-76 thanks to some timely buckets and foul shots from star forward Josh Freund, finishing the game with 31 points.  The team would then follow this performance with an absolutely dominating performance over Lynchburg 100-74 in which all players got a chance to see the floor. Before the women’s game started, fans had several attempts for a five-thousand-dollar half-court shot.  These attempts all fell short, but fans were also treated to some free maroon gear.  Shirts and towels were given to all fans, as well as free food vouchers and raffle tickets that would be called later in the day.  These tickets, along with other contests throughout the day had potential to win a student gift cards to many hot spots around Salem, including our very own Mac and Bob’s.


Our Lady Maroons would follow these happenings and deliver a hard fought game. The game was close throughout and would be tied going into the 4 quarter.  Injuries, excessive fouls, and an untimely technical foul on Coach Flaherty would put the game out of reach for the Maroons.  The final score would be a 66-72 loss to Eastern Mennonite.

Alive throughout these two games was our very own student section, Noke Nation.  Seated opposite of our bench, the section surely made things worse for the other teams, and officials.  Our dance team, cheerleaders, and band were also present at the game which created a great atmosphere for our Maroons.  This busy day of sports in the Maroons’ world also consisted of two women’s lacrosse scrimmages, providing something for everyone and is a great reason to be excited for the current and upcoming Maroon seasons.