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RC Theatre Presents Comedy “Scapin”


Written by Emma Grosskopf and Shamira James

The auditorium in Olin Hall was transformed into 17th century Paris for the RC Theatre production of “The Trickeries of Scapin,” a comedy in a traditional Italian theatrical format that ran from Nov. 15 until Nov. 18. 

This performance, performed in three acts, was unique due to its improvised dialogue and unique characters. Many of the characters wore masks that were created solely for the production, detailed masks that conveyed physical characteristics and the specific personalities of each character. 

Senior Brian Kerr, who attended the second showing of the performance, said that he was very impressed with the cast. “I thought it was great. I was really glad to come out and check out what these students are doing, it’s awesome to see,” Kerr said. 

Sophomore Ryan Haden, who played the part of Scapin, chalked the stellar performance up to hard work at rehearsals and a commitment to having fun. “It was a really great crowd. I’m always pleased if the audience seems to enjoy it, and there were a couple technical difficulties, but we improvised through it, so it’s fine,” Haden said. 

The rehearsal process for the cast of “Scapin” was tedious. “We were here five nights a week, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.,and most nights even later than 10. It was constant running and running and changing things every night, and for me especially, since I have so many lines,” Haden said. 

Overall, the performance was spectacular and unique, and it brought a whole different vibe to the audience. “If everybody gets into it together, and we are interacting with the crowd, everyone will get a lot out of it,” Haden said.