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RC Basketball Teams Head-to-Head in Family Feud Face-Off


Written by Shamira James

The men and women of the RC basketball program had a family-oriented approach to get the students and faculty riled up for their upcoming seasons. On Wednesday in Cavern., both teams partnered with WRKE 100.3 to host Family Feud Live at 8 p.m.

Two teams, made up of players from each class ranking went head-to-head to play an RC twist of the popular game show. 

Elijah Wilhelm, WRKE’s program director and Wednesday’s game show host, explained the rules of letting the contestants battle it out in this race against the clock. 

While it may seem odd for the teams to take this route in hopes of getting attention for the upcoming season, freshman Douglas Elks said that “it’s a good way to get people in who may not be involved with RC athletes. Game shows are super fun and a good time. People will always come out for a good time.” Cavern was filled with almost over 60 people all rooting on the teams and having a good time. 

The women dominated the triple points round, and the men’s team ended up making it to Fast Money. Senior Eli Sumpter and Elks earned 105 out of the 200 points they needed to win. 

However, they did win the attention of some new fans. “This was fun. I’m not really into sports, but this made me at least want to go to the opening game,” freshman Alyssa Mattson said.

When it comes to season openers, the men’s basketball team will be playing in the Dick Leftwich tournament here at RC on Nov. 17 at 6 p.m., while the women’s team will be traveling to Ferrum on Nov. 15 to play at 5:30.