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New support groups offered for students facing common challenges


Article by Paige Stewart

The student health and counseling services office at Roanoke College is launching a series of support group sessions to address a variety of issues that students commonly face.

Students can attend the Transitions Group, a support group geared towards people experiencing difficulty with transitions to college life. The program is designed for anyone, from freshmen who are getting acclimated to college life to upperclassmen adjusting after spending a term abroad.

The Transitions Group is held weekly on Wednesdays from noon-1 p.m. in the Wellness, Empowerment, and Learning Lounge (located in Alumni 216).

“We noticed a trend and wanted to connect people with others,” said Mollie Guzo, a counselor from the health services office. “People feel like they are the only ones without a friend group. Instead of waiting for an appointment, you can drop in and meet other people who are going through the same thing.”

Aside from the Transitions Group, health and counseling services offers several other support groups for students.

RC DRIVE (Diversity, Respect, Individuality, Vision, and Empowerment) is a group in which LGBTQQIA2P students are invited to openly discuss navigating their experiences within modern culture.

The group meets Fridays from 4-5 p.m. in the WELL.

Another option is the Choose to Lose program, which helps students lose weight with a healthy mindset. This support group will begin its weekly meetings on Thursday, Oct. 5 from 3-4 p.m. Meetings will continue throughout the fall semester.

“People think they are the only ones struggling,” said Guzo. “We want them to be able to find people who they can put a face to and say, ‘Me too.’”