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Five Trends to Bring to the Campus This Fall

Article by Shamira James

I know at some point or another we’ve all looked up what was trending in the fashion world and been stunned or even left in awe of what some of the hottest designers were putting out. While I think high fashion is under-appreciated, I think we have the ability to pick and choose pieces from those out-there ensembles and create an outfit that is fashionable yet college appropriate. Here are my top five trends to try to incorporate into your wardrobe this fall:

Cozy Knits – The theme going into this colder season is “comfort” and you will feel nothing but that in your favorite oversized sweater. Whether it’s a thrift store find or fresh off the rack at your favorite department store, you can’t go wrong. Grab a pair of leggings or your favorite jeans and strut into your 9:40 class (late) in style.

Embroidery – Patchwork. It’s so simple, but it’s back and making an impact. It’s great because it adds flair to a piece you already own, but after you add it? You’ll wonder why it was never there in the first place.

Graphic Tees – This is a trend that, like most others, falls in and out of favor with people, but this time around, it’s here to stay. Graphic tees are very favorable among those who follow street style – a more relaxed and urban approach to fashion, but who says your average preppy RC guy can’t rock a vintage NASA shirt?

Flared Pants – Before you sigh and roll your eyes to the back of your skull, hear me out. While I, too, am an avid fan of the skinny jean, flare offers so many benefits. If you’re on the curvier end of the spectrum, flare jeans slim down the thighs and flatter your body. You can look your best while you strut up to the dessert table and grab those cookies!

Tracksuits –Velour tracksuits are making a comeback and in the best way. They are the perfect combination between relaxed, sporty and trendy. Some of your favorite brands are revamping the early 2000s look for a more fashion-forward appeal – check out FILA, Nike and Adidas for some velvety flair.

What I love about fashion is that it’s completely up to you, and you don’t have to listen to anything anyone says. If it’s comfy and you like it, I say strut it and stunt in it. I hope to see you in Commons WORKIN’ IT!